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Exhibitors and visitors

If you are an exhibitor, all sorts of people walk past you, you talk to most of them, many meet your gaze, and some simply don’t exist even though they are present.vlog-1

Preparing for an exhibition is exhausting, but this is nothing compared to the exhaustion during the exhibition.

However, as with the job of beekeeping, the more you produce and the heavier the hives, the less you feel the back pain. In an exhibition, the longer you need to be standing and the greater the sales the more you feel the exhaustion evaporate. And it’s very interesting.

vlog-2People are very interesting. They come in many colours and shapes. During the slow times fewer people go past and you have the opportunity to observe the different shapes, faces and moods.

When it gets very busy, all you see is a moving mass of indistinct creatures, almost as if you were observing from outer space. You distinguish those who stop and talk, and those who really “stand out” approach you politely, respectfully and with a smile, regardless of the outcome.

If these three qualities could be transubstantiated, they would be the only ingredients required for the most insuperable cosmetics.

To all of you who purchased our cosmetics at the exhibition, we thank you for your trust and, as our slogan puts it, Try them, enjoy them, share them.vlog-3


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