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The ma.beez serum is a specialized product for firming the area around the eyes, mouth and throat. It progressively rejuvenates the skin and the results are permanent, provided the skin is protected with a suitable sunscreen.

It is ideally suited for the treatment of photo-aging problems such as blotches, provided that sunscreen protection is not neglected. With systematic application of the serum in accordance with the enclosed instructions, discoloration due to the effects of sunlight will recede to the point of disappearing altogether.

Apply the serum morning or evening, on clean, dry skin (one drop per area), spread gently and wait until absorbed. Wear moisturizer.

The ma.beez serum is a cold solution and separates into its components. Before use shake well until the solution becomes uniform and milky.

It contains A grade, unprocessed Royal Jelly and requires strict refrigeration.