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The miracle of bees


Raw propolis in the form it is collected



ma.beez propolis comes in:

a) high purity, in a 50 pieces container, in the form of tablets, for ingestion and gynecological use;

b) tincture of 20 ml, for topical application, gargling and swallowing (40% V/V in pure alcohol).

The use of bee products for therapeutic purposes was widespread in all the great civilizations of antiquity. Nowadays there is hardly any information worthy of the products of the hive, given their healing properties, nor are they widely used, especially in our country, even though we live in a botanical paradise.

Properties Of Propolis

Antibacterial activity

Propolis covers a wide range of bacteria. Used together with antibiotics it reduces the damage they cause to the body (side effects).

Propolis acts as a preventative against staphylococcus and streptococcus, which are responsible for infections of the oral cavity.

Sinapic acid, certain aromatic ingredients

and many flavonoids are some of the substances that give propolis its antibacterial properties.

The antiviral action of propolis is also very important and is also due to its

flavonoid content. Its effectiveness against herpes viruses and adenoviruses is beyond dispute.  Other ingredients, such as esters and caffeic acid are involved in its effectiveness against viuses. Finally, propoiis has a preventative effect against influenza, hepatitis B and herpes zoster,

Antifungal activity

Propolis has proven effective against attacks of pathogenic  fungi on the epidermis. Its use in dermatology and cosmetology aims to ensure a bright and glossy skin by restricting the spread of fungal infections of candida and microspores.  It activates the immune system and produces large numbers of macrophages, cells that are necessary to kill fungi and bacteria.

Healing activity

Propolis heals damaged tissues mainly thanks to the essential oils it contains. Studies have demonstrated the protective effect of propolis on tissues exposed to radiation. Furthermore, thanks to its flavonoids, the antioxidant properties of propolis bind free oxygen radicals.

Anesthetic activity

The anesthetic properties are due to the volatile oils (essential oils) and is recommended for local anesthetic action (e.g. against insect bites).

Antiparasitic activity

Propolis is effective in combating parasites such trichomonas, tripanosoma etc. This action is due to inhibition of synthesis of some of the proteins of these parasites.

Anti-inflammatory activity

One possible explanation for this action of propolis is inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis, which is responsible for the onset of inflammation.

Propolis’ Tablets


  • One small piece daily on an empty stomach to strengthen the immune system
  • Together with antibiotics to counteract their side effects
  • One small piece daily acts on gut flora to treat diverticula and inflammation
  • One small piece daily for the treatment of duodenal ulcers.
  • For the treatment of gum inflammation. Because it clings to the teeth, if your chewing is uncomfortable, you can keep it in the mouth for 5-10 minutes like candy to mix its components with saliva and then swallow it.

Intravaginal use:


  • Fungal infections and vaginitis in general. Continue treatment until symptoms disappear completely. Insert the tablet with clean hands as deeply as possible before bedtime. Unlike drugs, it is not dissolved or absorbed but acts directly in contact with the vaginal mucosa.
  • It may fall out. This is normal and if it happens within 12 hours replace it.
  • You may leave the same tablet in the vagina for more than one day. Replace if the symptoms do not disappear.
  • Propolis has no side effects and does not alter the vaginal PH

Propolis tincture



  • One drop on cold sores is sufficient
  • On herpes zoster
  • For inflammed gums
  • For mouth ulces
  • On nail fungus
  • Gargling in half a cup of lukewarm water and then swallowing for sore throats (5-10 drops for children under 12, 10-20 drops for adults)
  • On open wounds and burns
  • Astringent (stops bleeding)