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Creams for face – eyes – neck

Natural cosmetics, certified production (EOF) which benefit, nourish and regenerate the skin from the first applications.

ma.beez cream visibly offers from the first application :

  • deep, 24-hour hydration,
  • nutrition and regeneration of the skin with beneficial natural ingredients,
  • firming and anti-wrinkle action,
  • action against juvenile and other types of acne,
  • Ideal regeneration and relief after long exposure to the sun,
  • perfect application of make up, foundation and concealer.

light cream

  • for oily or younger skin,
  • more absorbent; suitable as day cream for all ages.

thick cream

  • for dry skin or night use,
  • a denser, nourishing cream.

Their comparative advantages:

  • natural composition,
  • pleasant feel on the skin,
  • contain far more beneficial ingredients than a simple bee wax ointment,
  • certification by the largest State authority (National Organisation for Medicines),
  • free from preservatives or substances which harm the human organism such as Parabens, Polyamides, Paraffins, etc.,
  • strictly controlled production of the apicultural raw materials.


  • In 50 ml plastic airless recyclable vial


Maintained at ambient temperature up to 25 ° C. At higher temperatures refrigeration is recommended.


Creamy texture, whitish or yellowish. Different production batches may have slight variations in color as natural raw materials are used.


The main ingredients are: honey, beeswax, propolis.