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cream for the face – eyes – neck

light & thick cream

for oily or younger skin &

for dry skin or night use

propolize it cream

cream for skin problems wherever they occur such as: acne, dry skin, herpes (oral and zoster herpis)

honey body lotion

a highly moisturizing skin lotion. It leaves a velvety texture and has spectacular results

royal jelly serum

cold solution of fresh royal jelly, with excellent firming action for face and neck

honey after sun

essential treatment following your swim and sunbathing

facial sunscreen spf 30

a facial sunsreen cream enriched with honey and beeswax

beeswax ointment

a simple oily ointment consisting of two basic ingredients (beeswax and almond oil) and vitamin E



ma.beez uses its own pure beekeeping products in its cosmetics, taken straight from the apiary