«propolize it”: a toolkit of a cream.

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The natural solution to a multiplicity of conditions:

from acne through to underarm odour.

A cream that is completely absorbed, is not greasy and is the natural solution

to many skin problems and more.



  • In its mild form, it is sufficient to clean the skin well and apply the cream over the whole face morning and night.

  • In its severe form, we recommend the above treatment in combination with the local application of the “ma.beez” propolis tincture every night before applying the cream.


Burns: For all types of burns

  • Sunburn

  • Fire

  • Hot objects


Cold sores and herpes zoster

  • If you catch it on time, it will only take a day to disappear. Combine with “ma.beez” propolis tincture.

Apply just one drop of the tincture to the sore and as soon as it dries apply the cream several times in the course of the day.

  • If the herpes has advanced, apply the tincture three times a day and keep the sore constantly wet with the propolise it cream. It normally subsides in two days without leaving the slightest mark.

Maladourness: Armpits and feet.

  • Armpits: On clean dry skin, spread a small amount once a day. Wait a minute or two before applying deodorant. You should not use antiperspirant.

  • Feet: On clean dry skin, spread the cream between and under the toes.

Dry skin, itching and burning sensation:

  • Calves,elbows: Use propolize it topically after showering.

  • Cracked, stinging and sore hands: Apply during the day and before bedtime.

  • Heels and hardness of lower extremities.

Rash in adults and children*

  • Clean and dry well and apply sufficient quantities on and around affected area.

Open wounds

  • Hits

  • Cuts

  • Burns

  • Cracks

  • External haemorrhoids

Attention: The cream may cause allergies to people who are allergic to bee products or oil essences. Before use, try a small quantity on your wrist. 

If within two hours you do not notice redness, itching or blisters you can use it safely.

THE CREAM DOES NOT CONTAIN PRESERVATIVES. If the temperature exceeds 25°C keep it refrigerated.

Do not use in infants under 12 months old.
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