The amazing impact of royal jelly on the skin.

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I will briefly refer to two events. The first was related to me, the second I experienced personally.

  1. A beekeeper is driving back home from his bee hives and his car breaks down. It is on a deserted spot where it will be hard to get road assistance. He opens the bonnet and, wrongly, the radiator cap. The boiling water shoots out and burns all his exposed skin. Fortunately, he had just collected royal jelly, which he applies liberally on the burns. The miracle occurred within hours. Not a single burn mark on his skin. I don’t know how the truck was repaired.
  2. Three years ago to the day I burn my entire face and eyelashes with steam. I have royal jelly in the fridge. I recall event 1. I also spread it liberally, with no concern for the cost and labour. My face has turned dark red and the pain is unbearable. It does not have an immediate effect on the pain but, slowly, as it dries on my skin, the pain and the redness begin to recede. In a few hours the miracle has occurred. Complete restoration.

It was then that, as ma.beez, we decided to develop a formula which could use fresh unprocessed royal jelly which has not been lyophilized (freeze-dried). The result was our royal jelly serum. A product which has proven to work primarily as an anti-ageing agent with exceptional restorative and beneficial effects on facial skin.

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